If you are now, or have been a philosophy student, it’s my guess that you have a “favorite” philosopher. Mine is Heraclitus of Ephesus.

Heraclitus is best known for his assertion that “Life is Flux” (Panta Rehi in Greek) meaning that everything or all things change. The more commonly heard expression is: “The Only thing Constant in Life is Change”. It would follow then, things that remain constant are uncommon or perhaps even rare.

Because so many of the changes I’ve seen in my life are outside of my control, I’ve learned to direct my focus to the things that remain constant. To relish the ones that are good while doing what I can to effect change on those that I feel are in need of change.

If it’s not within my power to change them, It’s up to me to manage my emotions as I learn to accept them as they are.