I guess you can say that I’m in negotiations with my earthly body.

No. I’m not talking about death, although the reality is that we all have to death at some point.

But first, a great number of us may face ill health along the way. And I guess you can say that’s where this chapter of my story begins.

If you read through my earlier posts, it’s my hope that you’ll picture a man in love with life and adventure. Someone who lives each day as if it was his last seeming to ignore reality while embracing the underlying belief that he’ll never die.

Well that’s who I was. I was a vegan, marathon runner, long distance cyclist, and extreme trail runner. And at 60 years old, I would have argued with anyone that I was in better health than I was at 30. In fact, what’s more I could prove it on paper using data from medical tests and analysis.

And to help reinforce my feeling of “immortality”, I had survived two near death accidents. The first in 1972 when I was hit head on by a drunk driver on my way home from work, spending 3 month in traction and missing a year of work. The second was a nasty crash while cycling with a group. I went down really hard, suffering a brain hemorrhage, shattered collar bone and a few other less serious injuries like a broken finger and a badly bruised hip.

Now, having been diagnosed with MS, I’ve begun the task of negotiating my return to health.