Most or maybe all of us dream. It’s been said that those who say they don’t dream really do, but don’t remember their dreams. I’m not sure how one would prove or disprove that but I know that I dream most every night and appreciate many of them that I have.

I’m not one to analyze my dreams and although it may be possible that they all have a specific meaning, I tend to look at them as adventures. Many of which I’ll never be able to experience in real life. As an example, I was trapped in a cave in one of my recent dreams. While that may sound more like a nightmare, I was able to find my way out befor my dream ended to find my wife and sons waiting patiently for me outside. My wife said they all knew I would make it out and weren’t worried at all. Although I can’t be sure how they’d all react if happened in real life, I can’t begin to tell you how good it made me feel when I woke up.

I frequently have dreams where I’m running. Sometimes in a local race or marathon, but most of the time I’m just running for fun. These dreams are especially wonderful because running has been a great passion of mine for more than 20 years. But my days of running in real life ended in early July of 2017 when I lost my sense of balance leading to me being diagnosed with Multilple Sclerosis. Now and then, I have a dream where I discover that I can run again and you can imagine how happy that makes me.