In the 60’s, the term Big Brother was used as another word for organizations we “hippies” were suspicious of spying on us. Most of the time, it was used in reference to the US Government. The term originated in the George Orwell novel “Nineteen Eighty-Four”

It could usually be written off as just a paranoia. I mean, it was the 60’s, how could “Somebody” be secretly looking over our shoulder, spying on whatever it was that we were up to? We hadn’t even landed on the moon yet!

Just a stupid paranoia then, but it’s a different story now. It’s not hard to believe that somebody, somewhere, is scanning over our full profile.

I know that today it isn’t just my imagination and it’s not just me. There’s a few world leaders are feeling that same paranoia right now.

I’m numb to it. I think most of us are.