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The movie 2001 A Space Odyssey, as you would expect from Stanley Kubrick, was way ahead of it’s time. The movie begins and ends with deep-thought provoking scenes involving an image described as a “Monolith”. This image is more than just a prop. It’s playing a silent and ominous role in the movie.

In the book by Arthur C. Clarke, but left out of the original movie, The famous line “My God, it’s full of stars!” uttered by Dave Bowman as he peered into the monolith, was never really explained. It was left for the reader/viewer’s playground of imagination to decide the author’s true meaning of the phrase.

Up early one morning, plagued by insomnia, I caught the end of the movie. As I watched the mysterious bedroom scene near the end, I had a thought: Is it just coincidence that the image referred to as “the Monolith“, and the iPhone 5, are so similar in shape and proportion? Maybe it just “happened”, but as I see more and more examples of how everything in the universe is connected, it does cause me to wonder……

After all, it is indeed, “full of stars“.

~ Cheers!