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I read an exciting post on Twitter this week. Two friends that I didn’t know, and I don’t believe knew each other at the end of 2011, are getting married. I’m really happy for them!

I’ll call them Slick and Ben, because that’s how I know them to be called. Here’s how we met:

It all began an awards ceremony that was being held to honor the local “who’s who” of social media. This annual awards ceremony is the creation of our local social media fairy godmother, Amy Stark. Amy puts a ton of work into this event, and except for what help she gets from some kind sponsors, she does so at her own expense. We all owe her a lot for all that she does to make it such a great success!

As I remember it, I was talking to a couple of people I had just met when a young girl walked up and said “Hi, my name’s Slick. I’m new here and just wanted to introduce myself around”. That’s Slick. Very friendly, free spirited and comfortable in her own skin. Slick and I were “friends” on Facebook and following each other on Twitter before the evening was through. I’m sure that many, if not all of the others in attendance were as well- Very nice girl.

While it’s likely that Ben was in the room that day, I didn’t meet him until months later. I first met Ben after we had traded some messages, then direct messages through Twitter, and then later through LinkedIn. We met over coffee one morning at Duncan Donuts. I try to keep my true identity a secret when it comes to that particular Twitter handle, and Ben had agreed to keep my secret. Ben is a great supporter of our community. His efforts to promote urban Indy events are well known and much appreciated- Very nice guy.

Back to today- It only seems appropriate that it was through Twitter that I learned that Ben had proposed (there was a pic of the proposal), and Slick had accepted .

After all, if it weren’t for Twitter, I wouldn’t know either of them. I could be wrong, but in some way, it may the reason they ever met in the first place.

These are two really great people. I am very happy for them. I am also very grateful for the threads of social media that weave through all of our lives these days. It’s truly enriched my life and if you’re reading this, it probably has yours as well.

Congrats Ben and Slick!